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BLB Selle San Marco Shortfit sēdeklis, melns

BLB Selle San Marco Shortfit sēdeklis, melns

The Shortfit is the second BLB saddle developed in our new collaboration with San Marco and is designed for maximum comfort when you’re riding fast. It’s a stunning update on the old school, stubby nosed time trial saddles where riders would saw off the saddle nose to get better comfort during a race and reduce bike weight. It's only 250mm long (around 50mm shorter than standard saddles) and at 223grams is super light. The short length and tied into a long cut out along the saddle top reduce the pressure on a rider’s soft tissues allowing them to stay super comfortable and keep the power down for longer!


Finished in matt black with a silk feel, this is just a functional saddle – it’ll look great on any bike!



  • Karbona-tērauda sliedes
  • Garums: 250mm
  • Platums: 144mm
  • Svars: 240grams
  • Saņemšanas veidi

    • Piegāde ar kurjerdienestu visā Latvijas teritorijā
    • Saņemšana Rīgas noliktavā (Sestdienās un Svētdienās pēc iepriekšējas vienošanās
  • Piegāde

    • Piegāde visā Latvijas teritorijā 6 darba dienu laikā no pasūtijuma apmaksas brīža


79,99 €Cena
Krāsa: Melna

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