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San Marco x BLB Regal Evo sēdeklis, pelēks

San Marco x BLB Regal Evo sēdeklis, pelēks

Bringing together style, performance and comfort, this collaboration between BLB and one of the greatest Italian cycling brands epitomises what we are about. The classic styling coupled with modern technologies breeds a lightweight, good looking saddle that will be comfortable for as long as you can keep riding.

Classical inspiration meets ultra-modern performances in the evolution of the classic Regal. Retaining all of its benefits of comfort and elegance, the successor improved on lightness. An old school styled saddle to bring class to any bike.

In its heart San Marco Regal Evo has a carbon fibre reinforced shell that offers excellent rigidity, stiffness and durability without compromising on weight. Xsilite rails are made from mixture of carbon, titanium and silicon and provide better strength.

New Biofoam padding follows the movement of the pelvis when riding and ensure unbelievable comfort, long lasting resistance and gives the rider a great support. Biofoam surface also assures the water repellence of the padding. Finished with breathable and durable microfeel cover that is lighter, grippier and keep the shape better than its rivals. Cover is made from biodegradable material.



  • Karbona čaula
  • Xsilite stealth sliedes
  • Bioputu polsterējums
  • Microfeel pārvalks
  • Garums: 278mm
  • Platums: 152mm
    • 252g
  • Saņemšanas veidi

    • Piegāde ar kurjerdienestu visā Latvijas teritorijā
    • Saņemšana Rīgas noliktavā (Sestdienās un Svētdienās pēc iepriekšējas vienošanās
  • Piegāde

    • Piegāde visā Latvijas teritorijā 6 darba dienu laikā no pasūtijuma apmaksas brīža


89,99 € Parastā cena
83,99 €Izpārdošanas cena
Krāsa: Pelēka

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