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Cinelli 2020 VELTRIX DISC Frameset rāmis, zils

Cinelli 2020 VELTRIX DISC Frameset rāmis, zils

Veltrix is a carbon monocoque frame born for the competition: fast, reactive and performing. Its easy handling makes it suitable for multiple uses, perfect for the pro but also suitable for those who want to ride at a smooth pace. The wise use of carbon fiber along with an optimal sizing of the sections of the frame elements make it a particularly performing vehicle.

The geometry of Veltrix has been designed to have the best ratio between the length of the horizontal tube and that of the seat tube, for the best position on the saddle. This allows a better aerodynamic position and an optimal balance of the cyclist’s center of gravity: best push on the pedals in the steepest climbs or intense shots together with an excellent control in fastest descents.

The 1” 1/2 oversized fork with tapered head tube guarantees the best driving precision even at higher speeds, making Veltrix incomparable in direction changes. The cable passage is completely internal either for mechanical or electronic assemblies, improving aerodynamics and chassis aesthetics.


The BSA Bottom Bracket Shell is oversized to increase the lateral stiffness of the frame in order to maximize the pedaling efficiency and transmit to the wheel all the power generated by the cyclist as well as for structural reasons, minimizing the tensions in a deeply stressed area. The result is that of reducing the weight and increasing the frame durability.



Materiāls: COLUMBUS Carbon Monocoque
Stūres bļodiņas: IS 42/28,6 | IS 52/40
Sēdeļa stute: Ø 31,6mm
Sēdekļa stutes savilcējs: SEAT CLAMP Ø 34,9mm
Monobloka izmers: BSA 68mm
Trošu novietojums: rāmja iekšpusē
Pieļaujamais riepu platums: 700×28
Dakša: COLUMBUS Caliper 1-1/8” – 1-1/2” Tapered Carbon Monocoque
Svars: Rāmis 1250 g (54cm - M izmēra), dakša 500g (uncut)
Saderīga bremžu sistēma: disku
Bremžu diksu maks. rotora izmērs: 160 mm

  • Piegāde

    • Preces piegāde 5 - 6 darba dienu laikā no pasūtijuma apmaksas brīža
    • NB! Covid-19 ierobežojumu dēļ ir iespējama neliela aizkavēšanās ar pasūtijumu piegādi
1 499,99 €Cena
Krāsa: Zila

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