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BLB Notorious Track klaņi, melnā krāsā

BLB Notorious Track klaņi, melnā krāsā

Living up to the BLB Notorious name, the BLB Notorious Track Crank is designed and built to be both stiff and strong.

Supplied with an outboard BB for optimised performance, this crank will take everything that you can throw at it, whether that is around the track or through the streets!

Available in black and finished with subtle black decals.




  • 165mm alloy arms
  • 144 BCD
  • 46T | 47T | 48T | 49T
  • Supplied with bottom bracket
  • 860g


Pievilkšanas spēks
* End cap: 0.7 - 1.5 Nm
* Pinch bolts: 12 - 25 Nm
    175,00 €Cena
    Krāsa: Melna

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